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Techno Tidal Wave


A technologies advance and the proliferation of attacks against web based applications increase, the developers have to respond with bug fixes, security patches, and new versions.  Often a version change or revision is created in direct response to fix a vulnerability that was discovered in the product.

Many of these application require a fresh re-install of the application instead of a simple update.  With websites it is vitally important to keep on top of these updates.  Often the updates or upgrades need to be checked and performed multiple times per week.  When you are dealing with multiple sites or multiple workstations, this can be time intensive and cost prohibitive.  Many website Content management Systems will not automatically alert you when there is a newer more secure version of an application or module your running.  What then?  Passive scans or roaming bots on the internet could find out your system is out of date before you do.

At Guardian Solutions our resources are spent in keeping up to date on the latest and greatest.  Out sites automatically check and email when a component is out of date.  Whenever a version change is made, our team responds same-day to get the site up to date.  In a dynamic and ever changing world, its a bit of security against the unknown.  Technology Consulting, Security First, 719.749.1112 give us a call today.

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