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Yet Another WordPress Hack (YAWPH)


WordPress users beware. The latest version of WordPress has been released, v.3.8.2 which address three key vulnerabilities.

1. Authentication Bypass

2. Pingbacks

3. SQL Injection

If you have an existing site on WordPress it is imperative that your Web Master keep it up to date with the latest versions. Guardian Solutions does not recommend WordPress in most cases because of the proliferation of attacks against it and the constant need for maintenance that we see lacking in many service and web providers. We deal with clients every day whose sites have not been updated or touched by the administrator in years. These orphaned sites are created by the lowest bidder or friends and family and then never maintained. Many of these sites have been compromised and the hackers have free reign to come and go as they please. The site usually isn't broken or defaced in the process, so the owner never knows it has been hacked. Any sensitive data that is on the site is used in other attacks, or sold on the black market.

At Guardian Solutions, we provide a level of service that goes above and beyond our SLA. We are there 24/7 monitoring our sites and staying up to date on the latest security vulnerabilities and patches. We have our finger on the pulse of the security world and live our motto; Technology Consulting, Security First. If a new exploit is uncovered at ten O'clock at night, one of our techs will be addressing it as soon as the patch is released. Call us today to get your website and your client data secure. 719.749.1112

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