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Verizon Customers Beware


Verizon users beware, there are bogus emails circulating that attempt to elicit credit card and personal information by phishing.  The emails indicate that your credit card has been declined, or asks you to verify your identity by entering your phone number to proceed. If you enter your credit card information in response to these email, you are likely to see a massive amount of fraudulent charges on your next account statement.  If you enter your phone number in response to a phishing email you are likely to see a lot of international charges for call made by way of Uganda and South African countries which are the current source of these latest phishing email. Verizon states that it does not elicit personal information from any account holder and when making reference to a phone number does so in the form (***)***-1234, with the majority of detail blanked out.  If you receive any suspicious or unexpected email from ANY of your major accounts, ignore them until you personally contact the account holder by a phone number you know is valid or by walking into the local office.  Do not ever reply to an email with personal information as any credible account holder will not ask for such information by email.  Be safe, be prepared, if you have any security concerns or believe your system has been compromised, contact Guardian Solutions LLC today for a free consultation. 



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