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Security in February

As we approach Valentines Day, security is typically not foremost on our minds.  Cards, gifts, chocolates, and the all-important dinner reservations takes precedence.  Just like during the Holiday month of December though, the informed should be aware.  Valentines scams can play on our need for expensive gifts, or the need to feel loved and wanted.  It is important that unsolicited email and text be treated with suspicion.  Don't fall for low-interest loans on jewelry or other gifts.  When ordering flowers online, be sure that the business is well established and that you know the name.  Fly-by-night companies can pop up to sell gifts or flowers which they never intend to deliver.  Online daters beware!  The prevalence of online dating has created its own share of nasty little Valentines Day surprises.  If you haven't met the person yet, be very cautious about romantic plans.  Do not arrange anything financially through the date and certainly do not share card information for reservations or the like.  Beyond the financial, you may be talking to a 50 year old man living in Korea who only wants to get your personal information so he can exploit that and steal your identity later.  Just be cautious and trust your instincts.  If something seems wrong, it probably is.  Use the lessons learned about being secure and protect yourself.  Happy Valentines Day to us all!!!


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