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I could buy your EBay password right now.


EBay passwords hacked.  Yes, yet another high profile hack in the news.  What makes this one so interesting is that right now as we speak, the password dump (what the hackers extracted from EBay) is for sale right now on pastebin.  I will not provide the URL.  Over 145 thousand user passwords are for sale.  Historically even when users know there has been a security breach, over 50% will not change the passwords. These attackers know that this password dump will guarantee at least access to 70 thousand user accounts.  


It is time to change your passwords.  Be proactive in the defense of your personal information.  A good password will meet certain length, expiration, and complexity requirements.  A password will be a minimum of eight (8) characters with a combination of numbers, special characters, upper and lower case, and non-dictionary words.  A Password should expire every ninety (90) days and no password should be reused in the same eighteen (18) month period.


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