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Beware of the Single Ring Phone Call



Cell users beware.  There is a resurgence of an old trick scammers use to part you from your hard earned money. 

In most parts of the United States its bitter cold and dreams of a Caribbean vacation aren’t far from our thoughts.  However, the Better Business Bureau warns that single ring cell calls originating from the Caribbean are made by auto dialers which ring thousands of cell phones a single time.  If a recipient of a one ring call gets curious and calls that number back, they are charged an average of $30.00 (thirty dollars).  The charges are, $20.00 for the first minute, and $9.00 each minute thereafter. 

Area codes involved in the scam are 473, 809, 876, 284 and 268.  If you receive an unexpected phone call, especially one where it rings a single time, just ignore it.  Your family know your number they can call back, you didn’t win the Rwandan lottery, the government didn’t find millions of dollars in back taxes owed to your great grandfather, Publishers Clearinghouse knocks at your front door, and you have enough friends.  Don’t fall for these or any other scams.  Check out the Guardian Solutions LLC blog for the most up to date information on the latest security threats and tips on how to avoid scam artist.

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