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Enough With The Privacy Policies Already!

We've Update our Privacy Policy What is up with all these updates?

What's up with all these "we've updated our privacy policy" notifications?  Well, thanks to a European regulation which goes into effect today, major companies -especially those which operate world wide- have to revamp the way they handle your consent and opt-in terms.

Called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), this regulation broadens the definition of personal data to include more identifiers on the web, such as IP, MAC, etc.  It also changes the way companies attain a user’s consent.   No longer can one check box click your life away.  Companies must now attain consent for EVERY avenue which they process your data.  They may not bury important consent under tedious and onerous paragraphs of legalese.  In short, GDPR is a good thing. 

Not all companies will be required to conform to this regulation.  Companies which do not operate within the EU are not bound by these terms.  It is always a good idea to fully understand how companies use your data.  Are they selling your info to advertisers?  Are they storing your PID (Personally Identifiable Information) with insecure methodologies?

If you would like to brave pages of regulations, you can read it HERE.

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