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Critical WordPress vulnerability goes unpatched

Yet Another WordPress Hack

Yet another WordPress hack is an understatement this week.  There exists within WordPress a function designed to make pages load faster but is structured in such a way as to be publicly accessible.  Any attacked can use exploit this function (which I will not help hackers by naming) to cause the website to in-effect, shut itself down.  This attack is a form of DoS (denial of service) where the website is given so many meaningless tasks to do, it uses all its processing power and bandwidth and cannot accept new requests from the internet.  WordPress has declined to patch this vulnerability stating that this kind of bug "should really get mitigated at the server end or network level rather than the application level.” 

Many WordPress users are not Cyber Security savvy and do not have server level access to protect themselves.  If you think you may be hacked, visit to learn more about our services.  Guardian Solutions LLC is a leader in proactive cyber security for websites and can mitigate this attack for you.  If you are running WordPress, we would love to talk to you about ways of making your website more secure or even moving you to a security-based system.

If you have any questions or would like to make sure your website is secure, please call us at 719.330.8531 today for a free consultation.

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