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Are you really reaching your potential audience?


The new market majority. 

In mid-2013 internet user on mobile platforms became the fast majority, outpacing users of traditional desktop computers.  As more people find their browsing needs met by iPads and tablets, less and less people purchase the desktop computer.  This trend is accelerating and creates new challenges for business owners with older websites. 

Mobile what?

Three years ago, the ‘Mobile’ website as an alternative was popular but gave the user a very limited and watered down look at the full websites message.  This is no longer acceptable.  No one using a large tablet or smartphone wants to be redirected to a screen with a few buttons and limited functionality. 

Responsiveness has got you covered.


In order to properly reach a majority share of the target audience, companies need to have modern and responsive websites that are ‘responsive’ to the size of the screen on which the pages are being viewed.  These sites show smartly and correctly on any size screen without losing functionality or the message.  Components stack and images resize or disappear depending on the screen. 

If you want to reach the consumer, responsive is the way to go.  Guardian Solutions creates secure, modern, responsive sites to meet your company needs.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation.  719.749.1112.




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