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Why update your website?

Just like Microsoft updates its' software every Tuesday, software developers update their website software when there is a reason.  Usually this is when a bug is fixed or a vulnerability is discovered.  If the software company that provides your reservation system finds that under certain circumstances, a certain configuration can cause your reservations to fail and they program a fix so that doesn't happen, they then 'push' the update so you as a user can patch your software and avoid that issue in the future.  Likewise, if the software developers find a vulnerability that allows hackers to access your reservations, you want to close that vector as soon as possible.

Why do hackers care about my little website?

Plain and simple....they don't.  The hackers aren't sitting behind their computers trying to hack their way into your site because you have something they want.  No.  Hackers are programmers who create programs called 'bots' that rove the internet looking for predefined conditions.  Just like burglars will knock on doors to see if someone is home, hackers will knock on the door of a website to see if they can get in.  Say there is a vulnerability in an older Wordpress version.  If the hacker wants, she can program a bot to scour the internet for websites on that version, exploit the vulrnerability, inject code into the core files that will periodically send all the web data back to the hacker as well as steal all the credentials on the site.  Now you might think this doesn't matter, however, a hacked website can be used for many illegal and illicit activities.  Do you want your clients, Google, Bing, and Yahoo or other search engines indexing your site for child pornography?  We rescued a company from this regrettable scenario. The cost to update is far less expensive then the cost to repair your website and your online reputation.

If you have questions about whether you should be updating your website, or don't know if your website is secure, please call Guardian Solutions today and one of our security experts will help investigate the matter.  719.749.1112

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