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Caryn August came to Guardian Solutions knowing that she needed to make the leap onto the World Wide Web.  But she was very concerned about having to provide content for her site and even more concerned that the site would convey her style and unique message.  Caryn's fears were calmed after working with our writers and designers.  Over three different meetings we interviewed Caryn and developed content that conveyed her message.  The unique background design of Caryn's site was a picture that Caryn loved and actually had as the cover on her laptop.  Our designer recreated the design and she fell in love with it.

Today, Caryn's site ranks on page one for Image Consulting in her local Colorado Springs market and she says that she has received numerous calls from her site.  Her most exciting call that she relates directly to her website is the call from FOX21 News who asked her to do a regular fashion spot on their show.

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