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If you find yourself in the position to drop names, drop ours!  it could make you $500.00. 

Guardian Solutions LLC had our start in business networking.  We know the power of a good referral. 

We not only welcome your referral, we will pay you big money for it!

Referrals which result in sales receive a minimum of $500.00 or up to 25% of non-licensed sales.  That means if your referral is worth more, you GET more.

 Not everyone wants to work in sales but word-of-mouth comes naturally to business owners.

When dealing with vendors, chatting with peers, talking to the neighbor, or making small talk at a business after hours gig, you might hear someone say something like, "My website is so slow...", "My buddy just told me I need to look into this 'SEO' thing...", or "I'm frustrated with did you get your business to grow?"  That is an open invitation for you to make some referral money by chatting us up.  If you have worked with us in the past, you know you are dealing with a team of professionals who deliver quality services and looks our for the bottom line of our fellow small or medium business owners.  We are well established and trusted in our community with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating so you can feel good about making the introduction.

"I wouldn't know how to make a sales referral."

Have your contact call us at 719.749.1112 and we will not only comp them a free one hour consultation, but if they mention your name -or you let us know they are going to be calling beforehand- after we go under contract with them, you will get your commission.

Ready to go?

If you would like a free contact log and printable referral cards, CLICK HERE.


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