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Guardian Solutions provides website hosting for both Joomla and Wordpress Websites.  We host your website on modern-updated-dedicated servers.  Our servers are behind a state of the art firewall with intrusion detection and best practices in place.  When someone comes knocking at the door, we know and can respond.  Your site will be insulated and isolated from other sites on the server.  You will have your own dedicated space as well as your own control panel from which you or we can manage and maintain your site.

Website Hosting Options

We Host and Manage Your Site (Hands Off)

For the non-technical customer, this is our most preferred option and included free for the first year with the purchase of a website from us.  Your website will be updated and maintained in a modern and secure server space. Our system administrators are up to date on the latest cyber security threats and keep abreast of software changes, as well as keeping an ear to the ground with forums, podcasts, email notifications, and expertise on the server. All this combined helps keep your website as safe as possible against denial of service attacks and hacking attempts. If we are migrating your site, it will be updated and placed under a system administrator’s care for updating and maintaining.

We Host Your Site, You Manage Your Site  (DIY)

If you prefer to maintain your own site, we will install your website into our secure hosting space and give you the credentials necessary to log into your site and add and modify content. Your website and hosting software will still be updated and secured by our admins, but complete control of the content will be yours.

You Host Your Site, We Manage Your Site  (SysAdmin)

Another option we support, is for you to keep your site in its current hosting space and give Guardian Solutions the credentials necessary to log into the site and provide updates and maintenance. If you are in a long term contract and cannot get out or wish not to, we can work with the existing infrastructure to make it as secure as the server will allow.

You Host Your Site, You Manage Your Site.

You might ask, "Can I host my own website on my Small Business Server?" or "Why can't I have total control of my own website?"  Well, this is the option for you.  Although we do not recommend anyone who is not a qualified systems administrator and marketing specialist hosting their own site, it is an option we offer. 

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