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Goodbye Windows XP, Goodbye Office 2003


Overview Microsoft is ending support for the Windows XP operating system and Office 2003 product line on April 8, 2014.  After this date, these p...

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Beware of the Single Ring Phone Call


  Cell users beware.  There is a resurgence of an old trick scammers use to part you from your hard earned money.  In most parts of the...

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Yahoo Passwords Compromised


Yahoo announced that there was a major security breach in a 'third-party' database compromise.  Mail users are urged to reset and strengthen thei...

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Your Cell Phone might be talking to the wrong people..


Did you know?... hackers have gone to new levels as of late in the evil quest to steal your personal information.  In a spin of the 'Man In The M...

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Verizon Customers Beware


Verizon users beware, there are bogus emails circulating that attempt to elicit credit card and personal information by phishing.  The emails ind...

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AutoCAD, Engineers, and Shares, Oh My...


Designers, Engineers, Architects, and anyone who utilizes AutoCAD should read this.   Security Researchers at Trend Micro announced that AutoCAD ...

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Techno Tidal Wave


A technologies advance and the proliferation of attacks against web based applications increase, the developers have to respond with bug fixes, securi...

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Internet Explorer 8 Hacked


Internet Explorer 8 has a serious vulnerability which allows it to be taken over.  The current version of Internet Explorer is IE10.  If you...

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Is your Joomla Website Safe from being hacked?


In this new world of cyber crime where every week we are hearing about a website that has been hacked, we are watching daily to ensure that our client...

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South Korea hit with mutiple hacks

South Korea hit with mutiple hacking attacks against banks, television stations Using a form of the 'Wiper'* virus, hackers launched an organized atta...

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