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Dust-Bunnies want to burn up your computer


Dust-Bunnies are not cute little animals: They want to burn up your expensive computer Summer is upon us.  That means cranking the AC or opening ...

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I could buy your EBay password right now.


EBay passwords hacked.  Yes, yet another high profile hack in the news.  What makes this one so interesting is that right now as we speak, t...

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OpenSSL, OAuth, OpenID, Oh My...


Do not login to your favorite site via pop-up!!! Another major security vulnerability has been discovered that allows attackers to use malicious redir...

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Are you really reaching your potential audience?


The new market majority.  In mid-2013 internet user on mobile platforms became the fast majority, outpacing users of traditional desktop computer...

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End of Life For Windows 8.1 already?


In a surprising and somewhat confusing move, Microsoft has announced that on May 13th, 2014, it will be discontinuing support for Windows 8.1.  T...

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Heartbleed Bug. The biggest threat to internet security EVER!


Heartbleed Bug: or, giving away the keys to the kingdom.   A major flaw in the way Open SSL is encrypted was discovered recently and is one of th...

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Yet Another WordPress Hack (YAWPH)


WordPress users beware. The latest version of WordPress has been released, v.3.8.2 which address three key vulnerabilities. 1. Authentication Bypass 2...

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A 30 Second Quiz your Computer Guy might not like


A 30 Second Quiz your Computer Guy might not like Do your computer systems work the way you want them to?If something goes wrong, do your computer sup...

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Parting Shots for Windows XP and Office 2003


Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows XP and Ofice 2003 On April 8th, 2014. To read more about this, visit

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BYOD doesn't have to be a four letter word


What is BYOD you ask?  Bring Your Own Device.   BYOD is a policy of allowing employees to bring their own computing devices into a work envi...

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