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Website Design, Google, Online Marketing change at a rapid pace. Cybersecurity is more important than ever. Keep up to date with the latest changes here on our blog.

Free Website Tune-Up and Migration

If you are experiencing any of the following headaches, your current website host isn’t giving you what you are paying for…

No one helps me when things go wrong with my website or email.Tech support talks down to me and uses words no one but a tech would understand.There is no one who speaks English on the other end of the phone.Tech support charges an arm and a leg for every call, even when it is the littlest thing.My website consistently goes down.Tech support will not help me with little website tweaks here and there.My website is slow.I don’t know what I am paying for.My website keeps getting hacked and they say it’s my fault.I’m fed up with all the little headaches over the years.

We can relate. Guardian Solutions LLC started small like every business and had our fair share of hosting headaches. That is why we provide website hosting that is easy, affordable, and secure.

From now until Memorial Day 2017 you can take advantage of our FREE Website Tune Up and Migration. You will receive an hour of updates, security patches, tweaks, and general ‘making it better-stronger-faster’ for your website when you transfer website hosting to one of our State Of The Art-Secure webservers. Our hosting plans comes with weekly backups, free email, updates, 24/7 real-time monitoring, and security built in from the ground up.(*)

To get started, simply reach out to Donna at 719.330.8531 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will set up a free consultation to look at what you have been dealing with and start a plan to make your life a whole lot simpler and your website a whole lot more effective for you.



Guardian Solutions LLC has seen a spike recently in compromised websites and email. While you may not think a hacker cares about your little old site, you are right. They don’t. They do not hack people or companies in targeted attacks (usually) rather they are opportunists who will hack whatever they can.

Protect yourself and your company image with a FREE WEBSITE SSL certificate as a signing bonus when you allow us to host your website and email. Do not become a victim who (after the fact) realizes too late that they need secure hosting. If you believe your site or email is already compromised, change your passwords right away from a computer you trust and check out this page. LEARN MORE

Technology Consulting, Security First is our motto and says it all.

To get your FREE WEBSITE SSL call Donna today (719.330.8531) and set up a free consultation.

February Is American Heart Month

american heart month
American Heart Month

Among other things, February is American Heart Month. Why does American Heart Month matter to me, you ask? Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women in America. Guardian Solutions LLC not only cares about our client’s security and success, we also care about your health.

Some simple steps you can take that are sustainable and will serve to reduce your overall risk of death by heart disease are;

Instead of salting that food, use a little seasoning as an alternative.Drink plenty of water. WebMD suggests that drinking between a half an ounce to an ounce per pound of body weight is the ideal range. Team members at Guardian Solutions targets at least an ounce per pound of body weight. What that means is for a 140 pound person, you should be drinking around 7 20oz water bottles per day.Cut out the soda. You would be amazed at how much healthier and happier you feel without the caramel coloring and other chemicals in most sodas. Even diet soda is no-Bueno. Artificial sweeteners have been shown to create sugar dependencies and sweets cravings.Go for a walk. Even if it’s just around the block. Start small and add on mileage as your fitness improves.QUIT SMOKING!!! Nicotine is one of the most addictive and hardest substances to escape. Do whatever you have to do to help yourself quit. Yes nicotine gum is expensive and talking about it is embarrassing, and counseling isn’t always covered by your HMO, and, and, and…. And it is time. My father died from stomach cancer after switching from cigarettes to chewing tobacco. There is NO safe alternative. E-Cigarettes are on the rise and the list of health problems associated with them are already on the rise. Consider ANY expense an investment. I guarantee when you are on your death bed trying to buy more time the cost at this stage is nothing.Lose weight. If you follow the first five steps you are well on your way. The most effective methods of losing weight are:Portion control. Eat less. If you eat out, box up half your meal and save it for later. Most restaurants serve you way more food than you should eat in one sitting.Stop the unhealthy snacking. Try nuts, granola, dark chocolate (yes chocolate in moderation), fruits, vegetables, and anything not overly processed and sweetened.Stop snacking late. My big downfall has been snacking late into the night. Once I stopped that, the weight started coming off.

There are many other common sense things you can do. Some health problems require a different approach. Diabetics for example have to start by getting their diabetes in check.

If you have questions about this or would like to talk to a guardian Solutions representative, give Donna a call at 719.330.8531 for your free consultation

Happy Holidays from all of Us

Happy Holidays from Guardian Solutions LLC
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays!Our year at a glance

Guardian Solutions LLC is happy to announce a record year in helping small and medium businesses in Colorado and around the United States achieve their online goals with websites and marketing. We launched campaigns for many high profile contracts and watched them grow. Many of our existing clients came back and had us give their websites a more modern look and feel with improved functionality. We expanded our sales campaign to include more of northern Denver and our leads really took off. In short, a banner year.

What’s in store for 2017.

                As our processes have improved and we continue to learn what the Google algorithm likes and dislikes, we have been able to provide better service to our clients in marketing. We have incorporated new technologies and how to better refine the old and are able to produce the most up to date and modern websites with a great user experience and functionality to match. Our team of writers have continued to deliver well written, rich content for our clients’ blogs and websites.

A special THANK YOU

                To all our existing clients we are extending a special offer for the New Year. If you have a website that we built for you and want to give it a facelift, or just have thoughts about a different design, we are

offering a 40% discount on design-work.

                If you are a new client interested in a Guardian Solutions LLC constructed website, or just giving your old site a more modern design, we are offering a 20% discount on website services.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness month and rapidly drawing to a close. It is this time of year you should review your security policies and implement new security procedures. While it’s always best to work with a professional, below is a list of things the average person can do to enhance their cyber security posture.

Call Guardian Solutions LLC today (719.330.8531) to conduct a security assessment and provide a written policy.Change your old-weak passwords to stronger easier to remember passphrases. If you are using a password with less than 8 characters that doesn’t include an upper-case, lower-case, number, and special character, you should change it immediately. Passphrases are easier to remember and you can relate them to the account. For a bank account, MyBOM2016Rufus!@#. Let’s break it down, My -Bank Of America- the year I opened the account- my dogs name, random special characters. For your email the same passphrase schema could be applied. MyGMAIL2009Rufus!@#. (My- Gmail account, the year I opened the account- my dogs name- random special characters I utilize in my passphrase schema. )Update your Computer Operating System, antivirus and firewalls. Enabling automatic updates is the easiest and quickest way to make sure your safe-ish from attack. Relying on antivirus isn’t enough as it is estimated ‘definition-based’ antivirus only catches 70% of malware.Backup-backup-backup. The importance of regular backups cannot be stressed enough. Make sure your backups are running weekly and daily in the case of important data. Keeping all your backups on the same machine you are backing up is bad practice. If the hard drive goes, so goes your backups. It is important to have offsite backups. Backing up to the cloud has become increasingly more affordable and secure.Run a secondary malware scan. When a user inadvertently downloads a malicious file - that user is telling the antivirus that the file is to be trusted and unless the file displays overtly ‘hackish’ behavior, the antivirus will do what it is told and ignore that file. Downloading a non-real-time scanner like Malwarebytes for PC, or Malwarebytes for Mac, or ClamAV for Linux is a good way to add another layer to your security.

Website owners have a whole other world of best practice items which improve the security of their website. If you have doubts about any of the following, call us today for a free consultation.

Is your

Sales Representative Wanted

Sales Representative Wanted

Starting your sales career? Already well seasoned and looking for a change? Guardian Solutions, LLC is looking for a Sales Representative in the Colorado Springs, and/or Denver area to work sales in the Information Technology and Services Industry. Our ideal candidate will perform the following functions:

Develop and Qualify Leads Conduct Business To Business Meetings  Follow Up With Your Leads Make Calls Make Sales Presentations Be Highly Self Motivated 

Guardian Solutions LLC sets itself apart in the online marketing industry by ensuring all of the technology solutions we provide as part of a client’s online marketing strategy are as secure as they can be from the ground up.  Technology Consulting, Security First.Working with Guardian Solutions LLC means you are representing services and products you can be proud of and stand behind.  Our staff of professionals tailor our services - as well as our sales - to make sense and within budget of the small and medium business owners.You will work solely B2B and represent yourself and the company in the professional manner in which our clients are accustomed.  You will become the face of Guardian Solutions LLC to the leads you develop.   

This position is commission based with a generous bonus structure.

Want part time? Want extra money on the side? If full-time sales isn’t your thing, CLICK HERE to review our referral program to see how easy it can be.

Before submitting your resume’, please visit our website at to review our services and gauge your fit to the position. 

Free Windows 10 Upgrade Ending July 29th

On July 29th 2016 Microsoft will end its FREE campaign for Windows 10. This most likely signals a minor version upgrade or a Service Pack release imminent. For those of us who have held out, this may be the time to consider switching. But before undertaking the Windows 10 upgrade, here are a few considerations.

Privacy Concerns. Windows 10 marks the boldest data mining campaign in Operating System history. It collects more data than any other system known. From search history, travel locations, contacts, and shopping patterns, it is all collected and presumably sold to marketing firms who use trends to target ads.Older Machines. If your system is more than 5 years old (and wasn’t top-of-the-line then) you will have problems.Compatibility. Windows 10 does not have a robust repository for drivers – particularly for older applications.One Drive. If you use One Drive you will find that it has been taken away in Windows 10. Make sure you have a local or backup copy of those files accessible.Media Center and DVD Player. These applications have been replaced with Windows 10 integrated apps. If you liked the look, feel, and functionality of Media Center, you’re out of luck.Less Control of Updates. Windows 10 pushes updates more frequently and with less notification. Often as soon as they are available with no notice. If you liked taking the ‘wait and see’ approach to ensure updates are stable, you will really dislike the new update schema in Windows 10.Do I want to learn a whole new system? I have omitted Windows 8 users in this article because Windows 10 is not that much different than Windows 8, at an operating level. However, if you are making the leap from Windows 7 to Windows 10, there is a sharp although short learning curve. I would suggest that we all stay mentally flexible and be not afraid to learn new things.Windows 7 Security Updates. Windows 7 has ended mainstream support, though security updates will continue until January 14th, 2020. This means most computers can continue to run Windows 7 until their usable lifetime has expired. For power-users, this means your computer can expect a usable lifetime of 3+ years. For the average user, your computer has a usable lifetime of 5+ years.

There is no easy answer. If you want newer and shinier, go ahead and upgrade. If you are rigidly opposed to change, definitely do not upgrade. Be prepared to take some time to get to know your new system. There are many changes and new functionality. Be aware that in order to minimize the privacy concerns, you will need to disable Cortana (one of the main new features in Windows 10), and change many of the default settings. In order to further minimize privacy concerns, you will need to ‘hack’ the OS. You can watch a great tutorial on regaining privacy here (Thank You Byte My Bits).

If you need assistance with this or any other technology concern, please reach out to one of our consultants for a FREE no-obligation phone call at 719.749.1112.

Guardian Solutions LLC Named to List of Top 10 Web Design Companies in Denver

Guardian Solutions LLC, a Colorado Springs based digital marketing agency today announced that they were named to the list of top 10 web design companies in the Denver market as ranked by  The top 10 companies in each category on Thumbtack are selected and ranked based on reviews received by their clients. “We are thrilled to know that our clients are happy with our products and services and equally as thrilled to be acknowledged by” said Donna Campanelli, Chief Executive Officer of Guardian Solutions LLC.  “Our goal when we work with clients is to help them build their businesses and it is always exciting when we get that call from a client saying their sales have increased due to the work we have done.”Guardian Solutions focuses on helping businesses grow and increase lead generation through strategic online marketing.  Their services include online marketing strategy, website design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media and search engine marketing as well as cyber security.  Their approach is different from many web solution companies because they take time to understand and analyze their clients’ business, through a process of discovery, before they ever propose a solution.  Once they become familiar with a business and its operation, they do market research to identify opportunities and develop a marketing strategy customized to fit the client’s need.Anyone interested in learning about the online marketing and web design services offered can find out more by visiting the Guardian Solutions website or by calling 719-749-1112.

Spring Sale on Website Services

Website Service Spring Sale
Guardian Solutions LLC, Technology Consulting, Security First
Act between Now and April 15th 2016 for Spring SavingsNow is the time to kick your online marketing strategy into high gear.  Guardian Solutions LLC is having a Spring Sale on website services.Website DesignWebsite HostingWebsite RedesignWebsite Un-HackingWebsite Updating and PatchingOnline Marketing Strategy AnalysisSocial Media marketingSEO (Search Engine Optimization)Online Marketing

Act between now and April 15th to receive 10% off your purchase or 5% off contract services for 2016.

You know you need to do something about your website, well now is the time!

Call Donna at 719.330.8531 today for your complimentary one hour consultation and to claim your Spring Discount.


All new clients during this promotion will receive a free laptop locking cable.  When working in the field you won't have to worry about your expensive laptop growing legs and walking off!

The myth of if you build it they will come

Did you ever ask yourself,

Why is no one visiting my website? 

Where are all my new clients?

Why doesn't my website show on a Google search...even if I enter my own name? 

The truth is, the myth of "if you build it they will come" is long dead and buried.  Simply having an online presence does nothing for creating or increasing sales. If you want your website to produce results, you need to create an online sales strategy and have a competent firm managing your marketing effort.

In today’s technology rich culture, everyone has someone in the family who claims to be able to create a pretty website.  If you look on page 60 of any Google search result, you will see numerous examples of

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